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Re: gnome2

Le samedi 11 juin 2011 à 23:04 -0500, Michael Fogg a écrit :
> will debian in future releases use gnome 2.32 becuse gnome 3s fallback
> mode just is not gnome 2.32.

Indeed. GNOME 3 in fallback mode is much better than 2.32, and a lot of
long-standing bugs have been fixed.

Apart from the compatibility issues with some applets (and really, it’s
less than an hour of work to port a C applet if there’s still someone
interested in it) I only see improvement.

> i know it takes a lot to maintain gnome 2 but will you please keep it
> in the system.

The complexity of doing so would be huge because GNOME 2 and GNOME 3 are
not designed to be parallel installable. It would require parallel
installation of things as low-level as GLib, for example.

Feel free to start a packaging sub-project to do so, but be aware that
the task is enormous, you won’t have any support from upstream and you
will meet hostility from core Debian teams because of the code
duplication you would introduce.

> maybye what you can do is make two gnome distros one for gnome 3 and
> gnome 2 that looks good to me and hopefully to you.

That will not happen. There is only one Debian distribution. 
 .''`.      Josselin Mouette
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