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Re: Ethnographic study on Debian. Thanks to the Debian Community

On Wed, 11 May 2011 20:23:36 +0200, Fernando González de Requena wrote:

> So I would like to share it with the debian community. It is written in
> Spanish, so I guess it will not be widely read. Anyway, I would be happy
> with  any comments, criticisms, suggestions, ...
> You can download it from the Institutional Repository of my University,
> UNED, that participates in the Open Access movement. The link:
> http://e-spacio.uned.es/fez/view.php?pid=bibliuned:500405

Thanks for sharing your work, and congratulations on finishing this
> I hope to see you again in Banja Luka.

I hope to see you presenting your work there :)


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