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Ethnographic study on Debian. Thanks to the Debian Community


As a doctoral student in anthropology in Spain, I have been working on a ethnographic research on Debian for the last two years. I have attended DebConf 9 and 10, where some of the members of the Debian Community have helped me with personal interviews and talks, and everyone has always been friendly and supportive. Those encounters are the main source of this work (and also a lot of fun).

Some months ago I presented a master thesis on the sujbect: "The Spaces of Community: a Preliminary Ethnographic Study on the Debian Project". I had to left out many things, due to length constraints, but they will find their place in the doctoral thesis I am working on.

So I would like to share it with the debian community. It is written in Spanish, so I guess it will not be widely read. Anyway, I would be happy with  any comments, criticisms, suggestions, ...
You can download it from the Institutional Repository of my University, UNED, that participates in the Open Access movement. The link:


Thanks to the people who has helped in the research, and to the whole Debian community, that not only makes researching easy, but also a great pleasure.

I hope to see you again in Banja Luka. 

Fernando González de Requena
Departamento de Antropología Social y Cultural, UNED

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