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Re: Gnome 3 and the future of the default Debian Desktop

On Sat, Apr 9, 2011 at 05:12, Joe Neal <vlvtelvis@speakeasy.net> wrote:
> I just downloaded the Fedora based Gnome 3 live CD and gave it a try on the
> various machines around the house.  Gnome Shell was slow with Nouveau on two
> relatively modern machines in the house.  Gnome Shell failed to work at all on
> an old Thinkpad with Savage graphics.  I'm sure it will work better on the
> Nvidia machines with the propritary drivers or with some time given for
> further development on both Gnome Shell and the Nouveau drivers.  For the old
> Thinkpad, I doubt it ever will.
> Even if free drivers for platforms that support display compositing are up to
> snuff by the time of the next release, what about platforms that never
> supported it and never will?  Display compositing is pretty much limited to
> AMD64, x86 and some later PPCs isn't it?

If Debian has a decent fall back mechanism, where if certain graphics
cards aren't found on boot-up, it defaults to a gnome-panel+metacity
combo, then all's good... no need to switch default desktop.

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