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Re: git-copyright-scan: find authors missing from DEP-5 debian/copyright

> > Could we compare git log against debian/copyright? git-copyright-scan is
> > a proof-of-concept that tries to locate authors that are listed in git
> > log but are missing from DEP-5 debian/copyright.
> While I'm in favour of making managing coypright/license stuff
> easier, there's another problem with this approach:
> Authors (and committers) are not necessary copyright holders, so I'm
> not sure if this really helps; maybe as a hint to take a closer look
> ...

That is true, but since it doesn't have to be mandatory to use
git-copyright-scan, it could simply be a helper for some projects were
authors do retain the copyright .  Moreover, with a bit of logic it
could be a helper to detect new or modified copyright statements in the
diff which arrived between the releases, to at least hint that/how
debian/copyright might need to be adjusted to incorporate those.

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