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Re: re-install apache2 on Debian 6

John Larysz kirjoitti:

I have corrupted my apache2 server and deleted a key directory -
/etc/apache2.  Nothing I do with dpkg or apt-get seems to put this directory
back. How do I re-install apache2?

The mailing list debian-project is not appropriate for questions like yours, it is for "Discussions about non-technical issues in the project". Use debian-user mailing list, it is for

     Help and discussion among users of Debian

Support for Debian users who speak English. (High-volume mailing list.)

There are also debian-<language name> mailing lists in several languages, choose the preferred one. http://lists.debian.org/users.html

Tapio Lehtonen
pj. Linux-Aktivaattori http://l-a.fi

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