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Reminder: DebConf12 bid discussion meeting: 1 March, 20 UTC

Reminder: There will be a meeting to discuss the DebConf12 bids at 20
UTC on 1 March, on #debconf-team on irc.debian.org.

Everyone interested in where DebConf will happen in 2012 is encouraged
to read through the competing bids' documents and attend the meeting.


- Questions from bid teams about the bid process
- Question from bid teams about what others suggest they try to do on
any uncertain aspects or potential problems
- Questions to bid teams

A more formal meeting will be held later (probably on 15 March) to
lead to a decision on the DebConf12 venue.

Information about the bids can be found at:


You can also ask the bid teams questions on the debconf-team mailing
list, outside the meeting, and this is preferable for more complicated
questions, or ones which might require research to answer.


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