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Partnership with AddonFox


We found your Linux distro and would like to offer you a cooperation that you can benefit from. Our addon, AddonFox, lets users install the best Firefox addons all at once. The users choose which addons they want by choosing the categories that interest them and the addons they want using checkboxes. AddonFox then installs them all at once. It can give great value for your users, if you included AddonFox in Firefox in your distro and you would get 50% revenue from the addons in the AddonFox list that pay us per install. The AddonFox list was created from us going over hundreds of addons and choosing the best ones. We then also added some paying addons. This generates great revenue and gets great feedback from users.
You can install AddonFox from http://www.addonfox.com/

Looking forward for your response.

Best wishes,


Yotam Elal | Business Development | Linkular LLC
Email: yotam@linkular.com  Phone: +972-54-5665548

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