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Re: Thanks for a great OS!

Alek Mosingiewicz dijo [Tue, Feb 15, 2011 at 09:00:54PM +0100]:
> Hello,
>   I just want to say "thanks" for Debian. I've decided to switch systems 
> after my Windows 7 distribution, shipped with the Lenovo laptop,  
> suddenly stopped responding to my input (and persisted in this behavior  
> even though I've restarted the system several times), and decided it's  
> the last time I'm at mercy of Micro$oft and its incompetent team. After  
> sitting for a while on Slax (probably a nice distro that nevertheless  
> worked badly with Lenovo) I've installed Debian Lenny, then upgraded to  
> Squeeze, and even though figuring some issues out took me a while, the  
> system is now working perfectly (better than any Windows distribution  
> I've ever used). Furthermore, I've now a powerful, configurable and  
> customizable system stuffed with great and free software (definitely  
> better choice of development tools than Windows) at the cost of a  
> broadband connection and the few CD that I had to buy to have something  
> to launch the installation from.
>   Once again, thanks for providing the system FOR FREE.

Thank you very much for your kind words - Each of us works in Debian
for different motivations, but we all take great pride in it and try
to do so with the best possible quality. Getting recognition for that
work always encourages us to try to make it even better in the future

So, thank you on behalf of the whole project!


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