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Re: Funny / interesting facts about Debian

On 2011-02-01 10:54, Joey Hess wrote:
Stefano Zacchiroli wrote:

- 318 questions submitted
- 554 users

(I can't find out to determine how many votes have been submitted, but
someone can, it would be a nice addition.)

Similar stats for forums.debian.net would be nice.  In both cases, it
can promote using those tools for end-user support.
I feel that from a end-user PoV, the actual attraction of ask.debian.net
is that it has several DDs actively engaging with users and answering
questions. Contrast with low DD activity on the debian-user mailing list
(sometimes I feel like the only DD there, although there are one or two
others), and probably low DD activity on #debian, the forums, etc.
Highlighting that you can currently get a direct answer from an expert
on ask.debian.net may be more interesting than some numbers.
I don't think this should be mentioned. First, it's hard to quantify, DDs are involved everywhere. Secondly, many users seem to think they need developers to get support, and will therefore directly go ask on development forums, which is of course inappropriate. IMHO showing the number of DDs as a feature confirms that vision. Finally, it is not clear how superior the average DD is to the average helper for providing support. Obviously, people like you must be exceptional, but the average DD maintaining his pet package doesn't have an outstanding knowledge of the system as a whole and can only intervene as an expert for a tiny proportion of requests.

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