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Re: Funny / interesting facts about Debian


Am 30.01.2011 14:02, schrieb Alexander Reichle-Schmehl:

> As some of you already know, we are planing a 'live commenting' of the
> release process via Debian's identi.ca account [1].  What works for TV
> shows surely also works for us ;)

Many thanks for all the help so far.  We got quite some feedback with
interesting numbers or request for some.  I forwarded already some of
the requests to the corresponding teams, hopefully we will be able to
provide some quite interesting numbers.  Many thanks so far for all the
ideas and numbers (please keep on sending them, if you got an idea).

However, "facts" are more than pure numbers, and what the miss en large
are non numerical facts, more like anecdotes.

One Example for such things would be, why there has never been an
official "Debian GNU/Linux 1.0", or maybe that following the host naming
scheme, our list-server is named liszt.debian.org (interesting and kind
of funny).

So, if you remember such - well, shall we say small anecdotes? - please
tell us :)  If it's to long to be dented during the release, we might
still use it for a new fortunes file :)

Best regards,

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