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Re: [DEP5] License field in the first paragraph ?

Ben Finney wrote:
> The explanation in the DEP doesn't really make it clear why this is
> needed, as opposed to an initial “Files: *” paragraph with the “package
> as a whole” copyright and license values.
> Where is the rationale for having Copyright apply in the header?

Files: *
Copyright: Foo
License: A

Files: doc/*
Copyright: Bar
License B

In the above example, doc/* are not copyright by Mr. Foo. But if
if Mr. Foo has done work that allows him to assert a compilation
copyright, that could apply to the whole package, including doc/*.
So, Mr. Foo could be listed in the Copyright in the header.

In this case, there is not a license directly associated with the
compilation copyright. All the individual files are licensed under A or
B, by their individual authors. So having License in the header doesn't
make sense.

see shy jo, not a lawyer

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