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Re: [DEP5] License field in the first paragraph ?

Charles Plessy <plessy@debian.org> writes:

> About having a License field in the header: on one hand I have not
> seen opposition to this, but on the other hand, it is not allowed by
> the current candidate draft, which lists License only in the fields of
> the Files paragraph.

That's a good point. It does seem that anything that we would want to
specify a value for “Copyright” we would also need to be able to specify

> I am worried that there was a misundertanding about the purpose of the
> first paragraph's Copyright field: from my reading of the current
> version of the DEP (and independantly of how my opinion on how it
> should be)

The explanation in the DEP doesn't really make it clear why this is
needed, as opposed to an initial “Files: *” paragraph with the “package
as a whole” copyright and license values.

Where is the rationale for having Copyright apply in the header?

> it does not replace a Copyright field associated to a catch-all Files
> field, that is: in the example given by Jonas, a paragraph containing
> a ‘Files: *’ field is necessary.

That does seem to follow from the current specification, yes.

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