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Re: Partners

Quoting from a freshly created

# Current Debian trademark policy states: To be fair to all businesses,
we insist that no business use the name "Debian" in the name of the business,
or a domain name of the business.
    * ongoing work on the Draft of the new Debian trademark policy aims
to clarify/relax above restriction. Consult the DebianProjectLeader meanwhile
on a case-by-case basis 

On Sun, 19 Dec 2010, Jonathan Wiltshire wrote:

> On Sun, Dec 19, 2010 at 07:49:09PM +0100, Jesús M. Navarro wrote:
> > Humm... don't think so.  Building, say, a "Debian Professional" distribution 
> > would indeed be a Debian's trademark violation and that's probably what the 
> > original poster was asking to do.

> Of course, if the "pro" version was also called Debian, that would be a
> trademark violation. But if it were called something else, it's just a
> derivative.
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