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DEP5: License section

The remaining parts of DEP5 are all related to licenses. I propose the

* Add a mention of and link to SPDX to the "License specifications"

        ## SPDX
        [SPDX](http://spdx.org/) is an attempt to standardize a format
        for communicating the components, licenses and copyrights
        associated with a software package. It and the machine-readable
        debian/control format attempt to be somewhat compatible.
        However, the two formats have different aims, and so the formats
        are different.

* I don't think we need to do much extra work for SPDX compatibility at
this time. I'd like to get DEP5 pushed out, and not wait for conversion
tools or verification that such tools can be written. We can fix things
later, if need be.

* The list of license short names looks fine to me. I have not compared
the DEP5 list with SPDX or Fedora, or other projects, though. If someone
notices incompatibilities, we should fix that.

* I'm not sure we need to worry about adding licenses to the list right
now. We will need to add them later, as they are needed by people
actually using DEP5 for their packages. Opinions?

* The wiki suggests that "the meaning of "public domain" as a license
may need clarification". I am not sure what that means.

Does anyone else have anything to say about this part of DEP5?

Once there's rough consensus of this part of DEP5, I'll push out the
changes we've made over the past months to the DEP svn repository, and
after that we should start moving it info the debian-policy package,
assuming [1] still applies. (After that, any further changes to the
debian/control format should happen via debian-policy package

[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-project/2010/08/msg00269.html

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