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Re: DEP5: Extra fields without ‘X-’ prefix?

On Monday 15 November 2010 17:47:26 Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
> >Indeed. But people using extra fields will get warnings, so they will 
> >ignore them. Then, they will also ignore warnings triggered by typos in 
> >standard fields.
> True. But I see it as a challenge of parsers rather than a flaw of the 
> format: it could be handled similar to lintian overrides (i.e. silence 
> specific non-standard fields you yourself choose to use).

How about calling DEP-5 parser from lintian and let lintian handle the 
overrides ?

> IMO this is sliding away from DEP5: feel free to move the conversation 
> to the Config::Model mailinglist if you agree (readers are hereby 
> warned). :-)

I'd suggest to nail the use case here. All other implementations details will 
be discussed in Config::Model mailinglist.

All the best

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