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Re: etherpad clone on debian.net

There is an alternative: http://whiteboard.debian.net/

But consider the EtherPad more complete.
An instance would be free to use:


Quoting Francesca Ciceri <madamezou@yahoo.it>:

Hi all,
I'm a member of Debian l10n-italian team and I'm organizing a sort translation
party for users who want to contribute but who don't know exactly how to do
it. :)

So, the idea is to do a little introduction on IRC (explaining the "theory") and then
translate - in a collaborative way - a file (probably a web page or DPN),
copying and pasting the english version into a clone of etherpad and working directly on it
with the attendees at the translation party.

I've already done it with some people from the IRC channel #debian-it and
#debianizzati and it goes not too bad.

So, here's my question: does a clone of etherpad [1] exist on debian.net or
And if not, can we install && configure it?

I think it can be very useful for a bunch of activities: conferences,
translations, collaborative edit of news/announcements, etc.


[1] http://code.google.com/p/etherpad/

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