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Re: user support - Shapado instance for Debian

On Wednesday 29 Sep 2010 09:09:13 Fernando C. Estrada wrote:
> > Alternatively, Jorge has also noticed that there's already
> > http://debian.shapado.com, but having our own instance would arguably be
> > better. No matter which instance we decide to use, the bits of
> > communication to give it a try will be needed anyhow.
> >
> > 
> >
> > Comments? Volunteers?
> > Cheers.
> I like the idea, currently I'm in the Shapado instance for Debian [1]
> but unfortunately has not had the expected activity.

I think we need something where in we can inter-relate all communication. 
Something like Semantic Communication.
I have written about this earlier but perhaps right now is the correct time 
and forum.

Here's a use case example:

I am the maintainer for open-iscsi. You have a question/suggestion regarding 
open-iscsi. Apart from the other folks, I, as the maintainer, am one of the 
most informed person for this package.

What we should have is a question tracking system similar to our bug tracking 
system. This QTS should also be a bi-gateway to the mailing lists.

You use reportbug to file a query on QTS. I, as the maintianer, automatically 
receive the query. Also, debian-user and other relevant mailing list, gets the 
message. Users on those lists can choose to answer/ignore. Same way, I can 
choose to answer.

An answer coming from the Package Maintainer will usually be more reliable. At 
the same time, the Maintainer does not have to answer every message. There 
will mostly be people responding from the QTS <=> Mailing List gateway.
The Maintainer can also help here as a validator of information being spread 
about relevant packages.

Ultimately, all this information gets publically archived/mined and serves as 
useful information.


Ritesh Raj Sarraf | http://people.debian.org/~rrs
Debian - The Universal Operating System

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