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Re: user support - Shapado instance for Debian

El lun, 20-09-2010 a las 13:59 +0200, Stefano Zacchiroli escribió:
> Dear all,
>   a while ago I got a notice from Jorge Castro (thanks!) about the
> possibility of supporting Debian users using approaches like
> stackexchange [1]. Of course there's a blocker of non-free ness for that
> specific service, but Jorge has also pointed me to a free (AGPL-ed)
> replacement called Shapado [2,3].
>   [1] http://stackexchange.com/
>   [2] http://shapado.com/
>   [3] http://gitorious.org/shapado
> I find the idea of user support via such approaches interesting, and its
> apparently working for other distributions. But of course nothing like
> that will happen per se. It will rather need someone setting up a
> shapado instance (at shapado.debian.net ?) and doing the bits of
> communication needed to reach a critical mass there.
> Is there anyone interested in giving a try to something like that?
> Alternatively, Jorge has also noticed that there's already
> http://debian.shapado.com, but having our own instance would arguably be
> better. No matter which instance we decide to use, the bits of
> communication to give it a try will be needed anyhow.
> Comments? Volunteers?
> Cheers.

I like the idea, currently I'm in the Shapado instance for Debian [1]
but unfortunately has not had the expected activity.


[1] http://debian.shapado.com/
Fernando C. Estrada

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