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Re: DEP5: X-Autobuild

* Charles Plessy (plessy@debian.org) [100913 16:25]:
> > Is this a good way of doing that? The referred-to e-mail says that an
> > XS-Autobuild header in the debian/control (not copyright) file is
> > required. Is there a need for a particular header for this in
> > debian/copyright? Would not the Disclaimer field be sufficient?
> > 
> > I propose to remove the entire paragraph. If the consensus is against
> > that, I propose we rename the field to Non-Free-Autobuild instead of
> > using an X- prefix.

>  - describe the fact that the package is autobuildable in debian/copyright,
> X-Autobuild was a poor choice. My current opinion is that, unless there
> is an interest to parse a specific field, it it better to use existing
> ones, in that case Comment or Disclaimer.

We need both, the mail plus the field.

Reason for this is that we don't have an separate section in the
archive, so we need to make sure it's signed with every upload. On the
other hand, we want to manually approve each package - that's why we
need the mail.


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