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Re: DEP5: Making "Files: *" non-optional

On ma, 2010-09-13 at 09:06 -0700, Manoj Srivastava wrote:
>         Currently, one only needs to list the copyrights in the package,
>  without specifying  which file each copyright applies to. How is that
>  specified in DEP5 format? Implying that all copyright notices apply to
>  all files would be an untruth. (Or are we expanding the requirements
>  for copyright files to map copyright notices to files in the source
>  package?) 

There is a consensus, as far as I can see, to allow the first (header)
paragraph to have Copyright and License fields that will apply to the
package as a whole, rather than to each file. This is an upcoming change
that is in the pipeline (but I don't want to make all changes at once).

>         I would suggest that a missing files: field in the headers
>  implies that no statement is being made about which files the copyright
>  notice applies to, instead f  implying it applies to all files.

On the other hand, this means a paragraph where the Files field is
missing by mistake will be interpreted wrongly. I find putting the
information in the header paragraph to be cleaner, but I admit it is a
subtle point. It's better to be explicit when possible, to allow errors
to be noticed easier.

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