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#follow debian. microbloggin one to follow the new discussions on the various lists.

I started an experimental project[1] a social microblogging for debian with the subject post of various lists related to the project.

Initially the lists that are being followed is only "lists.debian.org", but there is possibility of following other lists out (sf.net, googlegroups, yahoogroups ...)

The advantage of such a network is:
- Encourage better writing on the subject
-  Following tags search or filter by topic into several lists
- No need to receive emails from various lists, just follow it and click the link to view the message.

The script is still slow, it was based on another bash script done by Aurélio A. Heckert using "wget". Help is welcome to rewrite the script.

Currently the script does:
- Insert link to the original message short form using http://deb.li
- Insert direct link to the bug when there is "Bug # 888"
- Iags is automatic (pre-configured)

To Do:
- Identify who sent the message and mention / link on his profile federated network. Example, this message will be: @valessio

...and other great ideas in the future ..

see experimental/alpha version:
[1] http://follow.debianart.org/

Thank you for your attention.
Suggestions are welcome!

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