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handling of guest accounts on debian.org machines


The Debian distribution tries to run on many different architectures,
many more than the average packager usually has in their basement.  In
order for people to be able to work on bugs in their packages that only
manifest themselves on certain architectures, the Debian project runs
porterboxes for (almost) all the architectures targeted by the

Debian Developers already have an account on all of these machines
but occasionally the need arises for a person who is not yet a DD
to debug a strange issue.  DSA has in the past handed out temporary
'guest' accounts in an ad-hoc manner but there was no clearly defined
process to request such access.

At the recent DSA meeting in Munich, this issue was identified and
we propose the following procedure:

DMs and people in the NM process who need temporary access to an
architecture can contact NM Front Desk.  People who are neither may
request an account if they find a DD to sponsor their request.  The
sponsor would collect the information, verify it and forward the request
to DSA.

The information to be provided by the guest should include the preferred
account name, real name (first/middle/last), email address, and their PGP
key (fingerprint).  (The latter two are required by ud-ldap, our account
management system.)

Acceptance of the DMUP is a requirement.

Furthermore a list of hosts or architectures for which access is needed,
and a short explanation as to why.

By default we expect such guest accounts to expire after one or two
months, i.e. they will be locked after that time.  Should access for
a longer period be necessary that should be stated also.

NM Front Desk / the sponsor will then be responsible for creating a ticket
in RT for DSA to add the account.

This procedure is documented at http://dsa.debian.org/doc/guest-account/ and
updates to the procedure will be reflected there.

DSA would like to thank the NM Front Desk for volunteering their support.

For the admins,
                           |  .''`.  ** Debian GNU/Linux **
      Peter Palfrader      | : :' :      The  universal
 http://www.palfrader.org/ | `. `'      Operating System
                           |   `-    http://www.debian.org/

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