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Re: Improving coordination / support for upstreams

Hi, CJ:

On Wednesday 01 September 2010 21:49:31 CJ Fearnley wrote:
> Here are some concrete ideas that might positively improve our
> coordination with upstreams:
>  - Add a reportbug --kudos-upstream facilitity to send kudos upstream
>    * This will require a standard metadata a field for contacting upstream
>      which DEP-5[11] seems to address with its Upstream-Contact field.
>  - Extend thank.debian.net to send kudos upstream as well.
>  - E-mail upstream after each major release of Debian apprising them of
>    the release and the location of the portal page where they can find out
>    more about how Debian is re-distributing their software.  We could
>    note that they may find this data useful in grant applications,
>    budget requests, and for career development support materials.
>    * This could be an automated process for all packages.

These should be 'opt-in' options for the upstreamer, otherwise they could be 
seen as spam.


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