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Re: Debian FTPMaster Meeting, September

>>  - dak policy
>>    That is, a command so $whoever_DD can do "policy work" on a suite,
>>    which is otherwise run by ftpmaster. Examples: backports.org,
>>    volatile, possibly p-u. The teams of that define which packages go
>>    in those suites, while ftpmaster runs the suite (and has the usual
>>    legalise stuff and general rules around the archive).

> Will the "other" suites have policy changes as deeply as volatile has
> suffered since you took over?

If that means getting rid of such abominations as the clamav-data has
been, then we will happily make any such ones, yes. Sanity is better
than that.

bye, Joerg
Some NM:
Essential packages are required to provide all of their core
functionality even when unconfigured, hence they cannot require
libc. Libc therefore is not an essential package.

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