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Re: Debian FTPMaster Meeting, September

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On 29-08-2010 10:57, Joerg Jaspert wrote:
> Agenda
> ......
>  - dak policy
>    That is, a command so $whoever_DD can do "policy work" on a suite,
>    which is otherwise run by ftpmaster. Examples: backports.org,
>    volatile, possibly p-u. The teams of that define which packages go
>    in those suites, while ftpmaster runs the suite (and has the usual
>    legalise stuff and general rules around the archive).
>  - data.debian.org
>    We finally have a machine we can actually realize this on, so start it
>  - Fixup various started threads in our coding (contents,
>    generate-packages-sources, ...)

	Not sure if you already have the answer, if not, perhaps
you could use the meeting to talk about this:

  Regarding the descriptions translations, the plan for Squeeze+1
  is to still rsync the files to DAK?  There are some other
  infrastructure/plans in place regarding this or the plan is to
  get this with tdebs?

	As i18n, I would love to work on that for Squeeze+1,
so having some direction/plans would be great to know how to
proceed.  Perhaps there are some plans to have dak handling
Translation files from inside, even without tdebs. :)

Kind regards,
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