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Debian FTPMaster Meeting, September

Hello world,

the FTPTeam will have a meeting at the weekend of 18/19th September.
Our preliminary agenda for this meeting is attached below, if you think
we should take something on it, reply, but keep in mind that the meeting
time is limited. :)

The meeting will be held in Fulda, at my place, and currently Mark and
Alexander plan to attend. If another DD is around at this time and wants
to join up, please mail me, but it will most probably just be to get out
for a beer or pizza, the space here is pretty limited. We intend to have
a bigger team meeting somewhere early 2011, that could be a better
target for others to attend.

 - dak policy
   That is, a command so $whoever_DD can do "policy work" on a suite,
   which is otherwise run by ftpmaster. Examples: backports.org,
   volatile, possibly p-u. The teams of that define which packages go
   in those suites, while ftpmaster runs the suite (and has the usual
   legalise stuff and general rules around the archive).

 - data.debian.org
   We finally have a machine we can actually realize this on, so start it

 - Fixup various started threads in our coding (contents,
   generate-packages-sources, ...)

bye, Joerg
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