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Re: DEP-5: Comment field

On to, 2010-08-26 at 09:21 +0900, Charles Plessy wrote:
> Common comments come on.


>  - Will paragraphs that contain only a Comment field be valid ?

Each paragraph is either a header (Format required), file license
specification (Files required), or stand-alone license description
(License required). I don't see a paragraph with only Comment being
allowed, or necessary.

>  - Is the purpose of the field to be displayed after parsing, or only to
>    provide complements of information in the source file ?

Display, of course, to the extend any of the fields are for display.

>  - If we take the Policy strictly, comments lines starting by ‘#’ are only
>    allowed in §5.2 (Source package control files -- debian/control),
>    which we do not refer to in the DEP. Will the DEP also accept such
>    comment lines ?

I don't care, myself. As it stands, following a strict reading of the
DEP-5 spec and policy, hash comments are not allowed in
debian/copyright. I'm OK with that, personally. If someone wants to
suggest wording to allow them, please do, and unless there's opposition,
I'll add that to the spec. However, given my extreme amount of not
caring, I don't want to spend the energy on this wording myself. :)

Does anyone want hash comments to be allowed in debian/copyright? Are
they useful?

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