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Re: DEP-5: Comment field

Le Thu, Aug 26, 2010 at 08:57:34AM +1200, Lars Wirzenius a écrit :
> The Comment field has been suggested for DEP-5.
> There is a pretty clear consensus that we want it. Thus, I propose this
> to be added to the section explaining fields in the header (the
> paragraph with Format etc):
>          * **`Comment`**
>            * Optional
>            * Single occurrence per paragraph, can occur in each paragraph.
>            * Value: formatted text, no synopsis
>            * Description: This field can provide additional information. For
>              example, it might quote an e-mail from the Debian ftpmaster team
>              justifying why the license is acceptable to the main archive, or
>              an explanation of how this version of the package has been forked
>              from a version known to be DFSG-free, even though the current
>              upstream version is not.
> Comments on Comment?

Common comments come on.

 - Will paragraphs that contain only a Comment field be valid ?

 - Is the purpose of the field to be displayed after parsing, or only to
   provide complements of information in the source file ?

 - If we take the Policy strictly, comments lines starting by ‘#’ are only
   allowed in §5.2 (Source package control files -- debian/control),
   which we do not refer to in the DEP. Will the DEP also accept such
   comment lines ?



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