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Re: DEP-5: general file syntax

On su, 2010-08-22 at 16:12 +0900, Charles Plessy wrote:
> I also feel a contradiction to call ‘free-form’ some text that is formatted
> according to some markup rules, even if they are simple. I propose to replace
> instances like:
>   Free-form text formatted like package long descriptions
> by:
>   Formatted text like package long descriptions

ACK, done.

> All in all, I would recommend to make these fields free-form. Packaging teams
> that would like to use a more specialised syntax can add their own local
> policies on top of the DEP.

I disagree with this: I think a line-based list is perfectly fine for
Upstream-Contact. Does anyone else have an opinion?

> > @@ -99,13 +132,15 @@
> >   * **`Source`**
> >     * Optional
> >     * Single occurrence
> > +   * Value: single line
> >     * Syntax: One or more URIs, one per line, indicating the primary
> >       point of distribution of the software.
> Since the syntax allows multiple URIs, and since the URIs may be long, I think
> that allowing newlines in the field will make it more readable. for instance by
> making it free-form (not formatted, see below).

Actually, I think I made a mistake: I think Source should be a
line-based list. This will make it easier for parsers to extract the

Splitting a URI to two physical lines seems to me a bad idea, and messes
up URI parsing in too many contexts. (The real fix is to get upstream to
not have excessively long URIs, but that's hard to fix.)

> If the extended description finally requires double space for verbatim display,
> then how abould calling the ‘special first line’ synopsis, to be closer to the
> vocabulary used in the specification of the Description field ? 

Could some English experts weigh in whether the word synopsis is a good
way to describe the list of license short names?

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