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Re: [DEP-5] [patch] License table: more links and licenses.

Le Sun, Aug 15, 2010 at 07:16:49AM +1200, Lars Wirzenius a écrit :
> I would, however, keep a short list of shortnames for the versioned
> licenses in /usr/share/common-licenses (excluding BSD, plain GFDL, plain
> GPL, plain LGPL, plain Artistic): Apache-2.0, GFDL-1.2, GFDL-1.3, GPL-1,
> GPL-2, GPL-3, LGPL-2, LGPL-2.1, LGPL-3.
> What do others think?

Even for /usr/share/common-licenses, I think that we should aim at an short
name compatibility with SPDX. Here is the current situation:

Debian		SPDX
------		----
Apache-2.0	ASL-2.0
GFDL-1.2	  —
GFDL-1.3	  —
GPL-1		GPL-1.0
GPL-2		GPL-2.0
GPL-3		GPL-3.0
LGPL-2		LGPL-2.0
LGPL-2.1	LGPL-2.1
LGPL-3		LGPL-3.0
Artistic	  —

Since they have not started to use the short names in real (there is even still
no example in http://spdx.org/spec/examples), perhaps they would accept
to make the change on their side?

Also, if the absence of the problematic GFDL and Artistic licenses is by
design, it means that we would need specifiy their short name in the DEP.

Charles Plessy
Tsurumi, Kanagawa, Japan

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