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Re: Please set a /topic or similar for #debian-ro on Freenode

> Because of this I would like to have some means to suggest using 
> #debian-ro in OFTC rather than Freenode. Currently I'm running a bot 
> telling people joining that they should switch to OFTC, but I don't like 
> to spam people. I also tried using to bot to redirect, but it's very 
> annoying for people present in both :(

> Probably some /topic would be nicer or maybe there's an even better way 
> (I'm not very familiar with IRC), but according to Freenode staff such 
> settings have to be done/requested by the GC of the respective group. A 
> quick web search found[1] but I thought I ask here first before writing 
> to leader@d.o

> [1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-project/2004/03/msg00435.html

The current group contact for Freenode is me.
Ive just asked someone from freenode staff to get me the channel, we can
then see what to do.
(Note im travelling tuesday -> wednesday.

bye, Joerg

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