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Please set a /topic or similar for #debian-ro on Freenode

[Please keep -l10n-romanian in the loop]


While the official Debian channels are those at OFTC, many people seem 
to use (only) Freenode. This is not a problem with channels like #debian 
with hundreds of participants in both networks, but can be a big issue 
for emerging communities.

Because of this I would like to have some means to suggest using 
#debian-ro in OFTC rather than Freenode. Currently I'm running a bot 
telling people joining that they should switch to OFTC, but I don't like 
to spam people. I also tried using to bot to redirect, but it's very 
annoying for people present in both :(

Probably some /topic would be nicer or maybe there's an even better way 
(I'm not very familiar with IRC), but according to Freenode staff such 
settings have to be done/requested by the GC of the respective group. A 
quick web search found[1] but I thought I ask here first before writing 
to leader@d.o

[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-project/2004/03/msg00435.html

Thanks for reading,
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