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Re: buildd/porter/maintainer roles again


2010/7/13, Russ Allbery <rra@debian.org>:
> But if those steps fail and it gets to the point where I'm actively asking
> for help, my customary experience has been to never get any reply.  Mail
> seems to just disappear into a black hole.  Sometimes this is true even
> for a requeue request, although mostly those do get handled, but anything
> asking for more details seems to rarely get any reply.

We are persons, and mail stack grows fast. So, suggested use of BTS
should be encouraged. Tagging packages for porters to have a look
might be a really good idea.

> But the complete silence in response to requests for assistance is, I must
> say, rather demotivating.

I understand perfectly, I believe we all have had such feeling, and
AFAICS there are not many porters in Debian.

 Héctor Orón

"Our Sun unleashes tremendous flares expelling hot gas into the Solar
System, which one day will disconnect us."

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