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Re: Problems with NM Front Desk

Don Armstrong wrote:
On Tue, 06 Jul 2010, Frans Pop wrote:
Is it actually OK for FD to "demand" that candidates go through DM
before applying for DD, or as part of the NM process?
If the FD isn't fairly confident that someone has enough experience in
Debian to make occupying an AM's time and taking slotes and time away
from more qualified candidates, then yes, they should be strongly
suggesting that people aren't ready to become DDs, and thus should
spend more time working on Debian, possibly as DMs.

The problem I see is the inability of some people to take a hint.  An
obstinate person will point out that it is not mandatory.  Then a long
flame war ensues where neither side bothers to take a charitable
look at what the other person wrote.


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