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Re: Problems with NM Front Desk

* Manuel A. Fernandez Montecelo [2010-07-02 19:01 +0200]:
> [4] Including not acknowledging NMUs (many of them FTBFS), not replying to
> most (any?) bug reports, not replying when people asked to update the
> software or orphan it if he was not interested anymore, not replying to my
> (private) offering to co-maintain them as I am doing unofficially with
> OpenSceneGraph that I sent more than 2 months ago, and a previous warning
> about the intention to NMU the packages... all this while he did attend
> other packages in the past weeks, so he's not "Missing in Action".

Sounds like these packages are in fact orphaned, at least it should be
ok if you add yourself as uploader with your next upload.  Next step is
to become DM and then if you want to DD ...


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