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Re: About DDs not maintaining packages

Le Sat, Jul 03, 2010 at 01:45:40PM +0200, Hector Oron a écrit :
> I totally agree. For one thing, it seems that new maintainers look
> after having something new into Debian, which we already are full of
> it. I would say that it is more worth to support good orphaned
> software than yet another useless stuff.
> Besides maintainers role, there are more roles in Debian (porting,
> managment, quality assurance, translators, conference organizers,
> admins, etc...) So I do not believe the "how many packages do you
> maintain?" is a good metric to measure a DD work and if he should
> retire the project.

I think that the number of packages one contribute to get removed from the
archive should be added to the metric, since it is a task that sometimes is a
decathlon that requires perseverance, social skills, and a good knowledge of
Debian's mechanisms and procedures.

Have a nice day,


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