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FSCONS call for participation


FSCONS [0] is a conference with focus on free society and free software.
It takes place in Gothenburg, Sweden 5-7 November 2010.

I have participated since the start and given talks about Debian and held
devrooms etc. In connection with FSCONS I have been trying to whip up a
Debian Nordic group, with varying result.

I would be very happy to expand the Debian presence at this increasingly
important conference in the nordic region.

More information and Call for Participation is at [1].

Call for participation deadline is now, 30 June 2010, but AFAIK it is still
possible to submit participation. Also, just attending the conference is very
nice and is a great meeting place.

[0] http://fscons.org/
[1] http://fscons.org/cfp

Best regards,
Per Andersson
avtobiff at gmail.com

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