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Re: Support timeframe

On 06/23/2010 07:22 PM, Steve Smith wrote:
> The reason why I ask is because we have a hardware appliance that is based on Debian and we are working on upgrading to version 5.  Because the previous version is not longer supported, we need to provide a patch policy for our appliance.

If you're still working on that, it might make sense to skip Lenny and upgrade
to Squeeze directly. Its a good time to test things now and come out with the
finished product when Squeeze is released, or probably a bit after that. The
freeze time is more or less fixed now.

As usual in Debian - which is a community effort mostly - you can get a release
quicker or longer security support for a release, if you pay somebody to do so.
There are several companies and consultants who employ/are Debian developers and
would be willing to do such a job.

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