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Re: Debian ISOs available for very fast download

Simon Paillard wrote:

On Wed, May 12, 2010 at 02:59:07PM +0200, David Voisin wrote:
I work for a young company who developed a fast download platform
for huge files (we mix central servers and pear to pear).
I convinced my managers to put some ISO files in the platform and
leave them available free of charge.

Nice of you.

So if you have users interested to download ISO very fast feel free
to give the download links.
Our webpage for Debian :
Any remark is welcomed.

Requiring people to run a Java applet whose trust will be questioned by
Debian users is (IMO) an high drawback. (though signed by Thawte).

Where is the difference with seeding ISO using standard bittorrent ?

> Thanks !

The platform is a mix between central server and pear to pear. There are various machines on the web that we actually own (but this could be extended to any computer willing to share on internet) that contain the various ISO blocks, and a central server that knows where every block is stored. The difference with bittorrent is that you do not have the communication between the seeds which consume your bandwith, you do not share your blocks (no upload) and you do not depend on the seeds disponibility. The ISOs proposed are always available, and if we need new servers it is easy to add new servers.

We do not plan to revolution the Internet or the user habbits. Our job is to deliver video files and we have storage available. I just convinced my boss that to let me use the available space to put some ISO, as I have been using GNU/Linux for 10 years and favor opensource softwares.

So the download platform is here and available, it is faster than bittorrent, if you want ot get some iso fast just use it!

Thanks for your attention and hail to the penguin, cheers

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