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Re: Debian ISOs available for very fast download


On Wed, May 12, 2010 at 02:59:07PM +0200, David Voisin wrote:
> I work for a young company who developed a fast download platform
> for huge files (we mix central servers and pear to pear).
> I convinced my managers to put some ISO files in the platform and
> leave them available free of charge.

Nice of you.

> So if you have users interested to download ISO very fast feel free
> to give the download links.
> Our webpage for Debian :
> http://linux-iso.voddnet.com/distribution.php?d=debian
> Any remark is welcomed.

Requiring people to run a Java applet whose trust will be questioned by
Debian users is (IMO) an high drawback. (though signed by Thawte).

Where is the difference with seeding ISO using standard bittorrent ?

Thanks !

Simon Paillard

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