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Re: print shirts with the logos of Debian


We are a proactive company, closely tied to the promotion of brands
and conducting publicity events, but above all loyal to the
philosophy of Free Software. We recently identified a niche market in
our country that has not been exploited as much as we wanted and is
exactly the union of the two previous topics: Advertising and Free

We are interested in making a strategic alliance with you, especially
in some way contribute to your community, but not necessarily we are computers experts, so that our contribution would be about the advertising of your products. The idea is simple, at least we want to
 print shirts with the logos of Debian, and sell them en masse. For
doing that we need your approval. [..]
As I have already answered to your mail to press@debian.org:

Regarding the strategic alliance, you better talk with our Debian Project Leader, whom I added as CC.

Regarding the usage of our logo, you are of course allowed to use our "open use logo" (the red "Swirl"; not the bottle) to refer to Debian (which is clearly the case here).

Please see http://www.debian.org/logos/index.en.html for more details about the usage of our open use logo.

Best regards,
  Alexander  Reichle-Schmehl

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