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print shirts with the logos of Debian

To Debian Foundation


Dear Sirs:

We are a proactive company, closely tied to the promotion of brands and conducting publicity events, but above all loyal to the philosophy of Free Software. We recently identified a niche market in our country that  has not been exploited as much as we wanted and is exactly the union of the two previous topics: Advertising and Free Software.

We are interested in making a strategic alliance with you, especially in some way contribute to your community, but not necessarily we are computers experts, so that our contribution would be about the advertising of your products. The idea is simple, at least we want to print shirts with the logos of Debian,
and sell them en masse. For doing that we need your approval. Obviously a percentage of the proceeds from the sale of the shirts will be donated to the Debian community. We can take care of all logistics, we just need your approval to use the Debian logo and its variants.

Awaiting your reply and very grateful in advance.

Sincerely yours

Angie Gouveia Villarroel

Dirección y Producción General
WANT MORE? Productions
0416 4024401

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