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Re: Question in respect to GNU/Lnux affiliation

On Sun, Mar 14 2010, Russ Allbery wrote:

> The Hickeys <hickeys@nbnet.nb.ca> writes:
>> How come the GNU/Linux site does not have Debian on its free
>> distribution list, and makes no mention of Debian at all it seems? Is
>> this because Debian does not adhere to the GNU/Linux "Free Software
>> Definition"?
> There have been a variety of different reasons over the years, but the
> primary ones, the ones that are unlikely to change, and the reasons why
> the Debian listing was removed in the first place as I understand it are:
> * Debian supports the non-free archive section even though it isn't part
>   of Debian proper and provides information about it and links to it.
> * Debian does not follow the level of discipline that the FSF wants to
>   follow about never linking to non-free software or non-free software
>   companies.  The project "promotes" such software in some ways by the
>   criteria used by the FSF.

        Also, the project has decided that the FSF promotes software
 which is non-free (mostly software that happens to be documentation)
 and treats it as such.  So, fro Debian's perspective, the FSF want s
 Debian to execie such discipline in a selective manner (the selection
 happening by Debian ignoring it's own definitions, and hewing to the
 FSF's definitions).

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