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Re: Question in respect to GNU/Lnux affiliation

The Hickeys dijo [Sun, Mar 14, 2010 at 12:20:05PM -0300]:
> How come the GNU/Linux site does not have Debian on its free  
> distribution list, and makes no mention of Debian at all it seems? Is  
> this because Debian does not adhere to the GNU/Linux "Free Software  
> Definition"?

The reasons my other colleagues have pointed you out might require a
bit of previous knowledge of the projects involved. In short, it boils
down to the fact that both the FSF and the Debian project have our
definitions of what the concept «Free» means. We are darn close on our
definitions, and that's why so many people today closely identify
Debian and the FSF — However, the projects have some deep differences
(among which are the ones pointed out in the other replies), and not
only the FSF regards as non-free some of Debian's decisions, but
Debian also regards as non-free some of the FSF's.


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