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Re: PTS subscription exposure

Gerfried Fuchs wrote:
>  For the same reason I don't play into facebook's hand with handing them
> all the linking informations they would like to know (even if some
> people seem to be personally offended when not being linked). People do
> contact random people that they find being attached to some package,
> even remotely.
>  A clean example: I did the security upload for dokuwiki to backports
> because adn had some issues with his systems. Now random people come
> along and ask for this and that feature improvement and for sponsoring
> uploads of newer version, where I just were interested in closing the
> security issue for backports users in the first place.
Νever happened to me but fair enough.

>  Other people might have other reasons, and even if one can't see them
> doesn't mean that they aren't valid nor aren't there. It's even a bit
> depressing to actually have to argument *why* one wants to keep their
> privacy - people all around the world brag around with the "nothing to
> hide" slogan for breaching others people's privacy.
Sure, I can't argue with that. If you feel that it violates your privacy
then it probably does.

Nevertheless, I think it's useful to the discussion to refer to some
real-world scenarios on how it affects people and be more specific about
the privacy problems.

Thanks for sharing.


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