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Re: PTS subscription exposure


* Faidon Liambotis <paravoid@debian.org> [2010-03-02 23:04:21 CET]:
> Gerfried Fuchs wrote:
> >  This is IMNSHO a serious violation and breach of privacy.
> I understand the privacy concerns and not liking the fact that someone
> made some data public that weren't explicitelly marked as such.
> However, could you please bear with me for a moment and try to explain
> why you wouldn't want anyone to know your PTS subscriptions?

 For the same reason I don't play into facebook's hand with handing them
all the linking informations they would like to know (even if some
people seem to be personally offended when not being linked). People do
contact random people that they find being attached to some package,
even remotely.

 A clean example: I did the security upload for dokuwiki to backports
because adn had some issues with his systems. Now random people come
along and ask for this and that feature improvement and for sponsoring
uploads of newer version, where I just were interested in closing the
security issue for backports users in the first place.

 Other people might have other reasons, and even if one can't see them
doesn't mean that they aren't valid nor aren't there. It's even a bit
depressing to actually have to argument *why* one wants to keep their
privacy - people all around the world brag around with the "nothing to
hide" slogan for breaching others people's privacy.

 And even if zack has especially stated that it wasn't about me - along
the same lines this was neither about fingerpointing like written. Not
from my part (I truly appreciate the efforts that Lucas does put into
Debian with e.g. his FTBFS rounds, absolutely!) and also neither from
the other parts who also did raise their voices (it never was about
"only me").

 Yes, mistakes happen (and actually I am much more concerned about the
UDD part, not the CGI script - the later is indeed a good idea and I
would want to make use of it myself), and yes, getting pointed out
mistakes is hard to *not* being taken personally (after all, the
mistakes were done personally in the first place), but this even more
calls for considerate actions and respecting other peoples concerns and


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