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Re: dpkg feature implementation


dE . wrote:

> The solution that I'm proposing is a super dep package. A single
> 'sdebp' file which's suppose to install a singe software (mostly a
> meta package for e.g kde) but contains all dependencies which might be
> required by the package relative to a fresh OS install. A command to
> make dpkg install this package will make it check all the dependencies
> which are required to be installed from this super deb package in the
> current system. Thus only the required will be installed to satisfy
> the dependency of the meta package.
> Optionally, apt can be modified to make super deb packages from the
> list of installed software in the system...this will be a powerful
> tool in software sharing and IMO, capture the imagination of the
> common public.

I hope not to be redundant here, but please make sure you have seen "debfoster"
with its "-u" option.



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