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Re: Closed lists as maintainers

> I hope we can agree that maintainers should be able to receive mail from
> any legitimate sender.


> However, some maintainer addresses point to mailing lists that
> automatically reject mail from non-subscribers (without the intervention
> of a moderator).  The case I am painfully aware of is
> grub-devel@lists.alioth.debian.org, listed as the maintainer for grub
> and grub2.

> I believe this configuration is unacceptable, but would like to check
> that there is a consensus on this before pressing the matter with the
> GRUB maintainers.

As soon as I see a bounce to a dak mail due to a broken maintainer
address, its an RC bug (or a reject from NEW). Granted, dak is
whitelisted pretty widely nowadays, but it happens often enough. Valid
mails to maintainer addresses should get through.

So in your case an RC bug sounds good. :)

bye, Joerg
I'm convinced that the ftpmaster team are ninjas -- they do their stuff,
but they do it quietly and behind the scenes, so everybody thinks
they're asleep at the wheel...)

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