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Re: Debian News and new "About Debian" footer


On Freitag, 9. Oktober 2009, Markus wrote:
> First let me say that I'm not a Debian Developer but a Debian user for
> about 10 years now. I love Debian both for his technical quality and for
> being one of the few (popular) distributions which shows recpect to the GNU
> project in his name and talks about free software. As I don't have this
> opportunity that often: Thank you all for your great work!

Thank you. Though we will start to refer to our distribution as "Debian" 
instead of "Debian GNU/Linux" soon, when we'll ship more than one kernel in 
our stable release. "Debian GNU/Linux/FreeBSD" would just sound strange :-)

> I would be happy if Debian would call itsef "one of the largest and most
> influential Free Software projects" again in the future.

/me too! (That's actually why I reply.)


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